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This is the process we work with in organisations:

1– Discover

This is an interview process where we meet with a number of managers from the same or  cross teams.  We ask questions related to the organization, the way people work together, what is going well, challenges and what can be improved.  

2- Understand

We review the interviews and create a report with themes that repeat themselves throughout the interviews. We hold a meeting and suggest a Coaching and Training programme according to our findings following the interviews. 

3- Define

In this stage objectives are defined for the programme.  This is used in the Review process to measure results.

4- Achieve

During the program we meet one on one or in groups depending on the outcome of phase two and the decisions made in phase three.  

5- Review

The programme is periodically reviewed and  according to results new objectives are defined.

6- Program End

The programme is dynamic however has a finish date.

ACT Coaching Process

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