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Work Life Balance (WLB)


Is your life out of balance? 

Do you feel like in some areas like your career you are really excelling and in others not?

Do you feel like you are working too hard and the stress is getting to you?

Are you less creative or productive than you were in the past?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:  “The expression "work-life balance" was first used in the late 1970s to describe the balance between an individual's work and personal life.    In the United States, this phrase was first used in 1986. As the separation between work and home life has diminished, this concept has become more relevant than ever before.” 

Let’s look at the word Balance.   Balance if visualized is not a straight line

This for me resembles something dead like the heart beat of a dead person in the hospital.   I consider life to be spiral.  

We are evolving, always moving upwards in a spiral movement of development of our consciousness and of self.  As time passes the spiral has the opportunity expand and the turns have a greater radius as with time our knowledge and life experience increases.


Therefore with the spiral sometimes we are up and sometimes down as the spiral movement comes down before it goes up again.   Life is always moving. 

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