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Why do we procrastinate?
And – What can we do about it?

The goal of improving our time management skills is to get more things done, and to be more efficient. Having a look at procrastination is a must as this slows us down and creates unnecessary stress. Below are some main reasons that we procrastinate. Are any of these true for you?

Being overloaded and overwhelmed – do one thing at a time

When we have too much going on in our lives, or too much to do then we tend to put things off as it all becomes too much.

What can you do? Check that your tasks and projects you defined are realistic and narrow these down into smaller more concrete steps. Tell yourself I will do one thing at a time, finish this and then move on to the next step.

Clear some clutter at the office or at home. Tidying up and getting rid of things we don’t need or use can clear the way for us too.

Fear of Failure – wanting things to be perfect and never finishing – set a time limit

When you get stuck in too much detail and find yourself spending vast amounts of time on one thing in fear of looking bad or it not being good enough notice this. It’s important to take a look at the whole picture and zoom out.
Indecision –have faith that whatever you decide will be ok, just decide

When we have a decision to make and don’t know what to decide then we put things off. This can be very stressful. See who can help you, perhaps get some more information and then make the decision. The stress of not moving forward is much worse than the chance of making the wrong decision.
Lack of knowhow – get some help

I have found that when a client does not have the knowledge of how to do something they put it off. When defining a task, ask yourself what is the next step I need to do and then see if you require help or knowledge around this.
Poor time management – set more time for a task

When we don’t set enough time for the things we need to accomplish then we may tend to start and not finish them as more important things arise. Goal setting and the tasks that go with these should be realistic.

By Samantha Amit, January 2010

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