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What is WLB?


When   work     or a career dominates and encompasses a much greater part of one’s life, so much so that the rest of the persons life, everything outside of work does not get enough attention, then work life balance is an issue.

If you reflect on your life you may notice that career wise you are succeeding, though at what price to your personal life.

The Wheel of Life is a tool often used in life coaching to look at the various segments of one’s life and determine where you are today and   what you aspire to.   The areas that are lacking you may choose to be coached on.   Often it is enough to identify the area and then you can set aside time during your week to improve on this. 

The wheel of life holds a suggestion of topics.   You may change this to suit your needs. 




With the Wheel of Life we therefore rate each   segment in the wheel.   Where 10 is highest and 1 lowest.   When there is a WLB issue then we may notice that Work and Career receive a 9 and Health, a   rating of 4.   When you reflect on what you would like your Health and Fitness to be you aspire to Level 9 on this too as you know that the healthier you feel the better you feel about yourself and the more energy you have to do more.    Life is about juggling of these segments to find the right mix for you.


Identification of what is important for you

You know your career is important as its taking up so much of your time.   What else is important? Take a minute now to think about this.   List the things that are most important to you outside of your career.







Ask yourself: How can I incorporate more of what is important into my life?

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