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Stress Management


When Work life balance is an issue then this is also often accompanied by you being more stressed out.  This impacts on your health and often the way you relate to your family.  Robin Sharma wrote a book called the Monk who sold his Ferrari.  This is a lovely story about a hot shot successful l lawyer who got divorced … he was never home, lost his sense of humor, collapsed of a heart attack and almost died.  This near time death experience led him to change his life. 

The question is do you need something so drastic to make a change in your life? 

At work,   find the time to rest your brain of your continuous thinking.  Try this:

Have a plant on your desk and twice a day at least,   look at the plant for a few seconds and take a few breaths.


Life Coaching for Work Life Balance

It’s possible to take this journey of finding your work life balance with a life coach.   When you do so,  you may be more motivated to make changes at work and in your personal life.     This tends to happen as your   coach believes in you and you take the time to strategize, and set small goals throughout the coaching process to reach your bigger goal which could be stress reduction, wellbeing or work life balance for example.  You may find how inventive you are about finding the right time and place to do the things you most love and almost forgot about.   You may want to be coached on nurturing your relationships , first with yourself and with those you love.  Quality time spent with the people you love is important to all of us.     

Life is a journey.  You decide every moment what you want it to be filled with. 


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