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What I love about life coaching is that many of my clients say to me now I understand why I behave this way. When you live your life according to your values you are one with yourself. During the coaching we discover what those values are. What the client wants and we work towards this one step at a time. When you are true to yourself and react to life with self awareness, this is all empowering.    


Duncan Campbell has a radio show which I recommend called Living Dialogues. Here you can listen to dialogues between Duncan and many of my favorite teachers like Gangaji, Byron Katie, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Stephen Mitchell and more. Duncan at the opening of his show says that " mutual participatory dialogue has been seen as the key to evolving and transforming consciousness, evoking a flow of meaning …beyond what any one individual can bring through alone…." The Soul or Spiritual Life Coaching that I speak about is related to tapping into ones consciousness and that space of awareness where stress ceases to exist and where we are calm and at peace with the universe. 


Exercise - Getting in touch with the stillness within through nature 

Go for a walk outside and gaze at the trees. Walk slowly and stand for a moment and look at a tree. Breathe in the trees liveliness. Take in the movement of the branches and the leaves.  



For me the life coaching journey is about creating light where there was darkness. It is as uplifting and a learning experience for me as it is for my client.








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