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Self Management

Today we live in times where we are bombarded by stuff. It comes at us from all over and can set some of us into a dizzy state. Where should we focus? The Internet, technology and equipment that we have at our disposal only make it more difficult.  There is so much. 

Self management is so many things. It personifies personal growth, health, well-being or wellness, and being less stressed.   Self Management allows you to be a better person for yourself and for others. It gives you control over your work and life. You communicate better, make time for the meaningful things – you know what these are and you plan for them. You feel more whole, more happy, more fulfilled.


Self Management is very connected to coaching because it is very much about you creating positive change in your life, living according to your values and principles, while being fully responsible and accountable. It involves learning new ways and habits of being more efficient and effective. We only have so much time in any day, so how do you make the most out of it?


Here are 5 P's to concentrate on to being more productive, happier, more fulfilled and successful human being.


Proactive - Do not wait for things to happen to you.  Create your work and life the way YOU want it to be.   Coaching can be very helpful in mapping out your purpose and path. Proactivity is Stephen Covey's first habit.  See more in his book called "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People"


Planning and Prioritizing - Since there is so much we need to choose and  plan.  When we choose we prioritize what is most important for us. In your planning include things that energize you.  See Conscious Eating and Nutrition

Plan your week ahead and prioritize according to your values and goals.


Projects - Manage Projects both personal and business and then manage the tasks within.  In coaching we can choose a goal which could be a project you want to succeed in.  What project do you want to prioritize and move ahead?  See Planning


Play - In order to recharge and be productive we need to have balance in our lives. When we aim to be productive its possible to forget that "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". Play could be doing something fun and it could also be moving your body by playing some sport you like. What fun are you planning this week?


People - We are surrounded by people. How do you communicate? How well do you listen to yourself and to others? How do you work with others? Being productive involves delegating tasks to others and creating a support system. Who is in your support system? Do you need more help?



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