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Planning for the future is important.  We do this in the present. 

Exercise - Project List


Make a list of all the projects you have.  A project is anything in your life that requires more than one step to do.  Once you have made a list of these have a look at them and realize that each is possible when we plan.  We plan our future in the present moment.  I recommend you make your list according to context like home, work, wellbeing etc.  You choose your context.  I also recommend that if you prefer to use a software program for creating your list this is also your choice.  Once you have your project list written down on paper or on your computer for instance you are freeing up space in your mind, clearing the way and you can be less stressful.   


This exercise has two main objectives.   

First is to be mindful of the projects we have and to continue to be aware of them cultivating patience for ourselves and giving time to the steps.  We may realize through this exercise how many things we truly have and that its not possible to do everything at once.   

Second objective is to clear our minds which will free up energy for doing other things too.



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