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Why is it important to de-clutter ?

Our homes and how they look reflect us as individuals. When our home is overcrowded then we too feel overloaded, sometimes overwhelmed, or burdened. In other words the physical baggage (clutter) affects us in a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual way. Karen Kingston in her book on Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui, explains that we are connected to everything in our home. Almost like there are invisible threads of energy to everything we have.

Read the questions below without answering them. Then after reading through once close your eyes, and sit still. Take a walk through your home starting at the front door and then virtually walk through each room in your home. Then open your eyes and answer the questions below.



1.    Do you love your home? Are you happy in your home? Yes , No



2.    If you had to choose one thing in your home that if you changed this you know it would make the world of a difference what would that be?



3.    Do you want to declutter your home or office? If yes then continue. Yes , No



4.   Purging: Are there things you can think of that you don’t love or use in your home? 

Perhaps something you once loved or used and no longer do. Unused electrical equipment? Paintings, furniture, or bed linen that you no longer like? Old Medications? Unneeded computer documents? Expired food?



5.    Purging: What items do you think you have too many of or extras? 

How many toys do you have? Do you have extra towels? Pots and pans?  



6.      Organization: If you had to choose just now one cupboard or shelf in your home to clear or tidy up what would it be? (proper practice is working on very small areas and clearing/organizing them before moving on to the next small area) 



7.      To do list: Make a list of outstanding things, these normally are at the back of our minds and disturb us until they are done. These may be chores or things you have been putting off for you or a member in your family, a promise to another? Appointments to be made (Doctor, dentist, Gynaecologist). Things to fix in your home or office. (leaking taps, walls to paint, electrical item that has broken down) Projects that you started and didn’t finish ). 


Why do we procrastinate?


Recommended reading:  

Karen Kingston's books: Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui   and also Creating Sacred Space With Feng Shui



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