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Mindfully ACT (Achieve-Connect-Thrive)

Research is showing that the majority of employees are not engaged. This is a huge concern as engagement affects key business outcomes and drives growth. The pressures of a global competitive, uncertain, and volatile economy means that creating and sustaining a strong workplace culture that is healthy and effective, is increasingly challenging.

In a world where business has never been so fast and change so quick, being agile, effective and successful in the midst of everything that is going on around us is certainly a challenge for every leader. Mindfulness continues to grow and be marshalled by the promise of its benefits for leaders, employees and companies. Research like that of Erik Dane and Bradley J Brummel show how in a dynamic work environment, workplace mindfulness is positively related to job performance. There is a growing trend where organisations of all types and sizes across the globe are embracing mindfulness and incorporating it in different ways and programmes for their employees.

Conscious Management is the new competency to master in today’s VUCA world.

8 hour Conscious Management programme is a focused, dynamic, and highly practical workshop for managers to Learn Conscious Management Competencies using the ACT model of ACHIEVE-CONNECT-THRIVE to gain skills to:

  • Lead from awareness;
  • Align our values and beliefs with that of the workplace;
  • Recognize the higher purpose of the business and the interdependence of the stakeholders;
  • Connect, collaborate and bring out the best with their peers and teams;
  • Be an integral part of creating and sustaining a thriving and successful org culture that embodies continual self improvement and awareness of self and others.

Target Audience

This workshop is run within organisations who invest in their middle and top managers so that they embody attitude, intent and behaviour of leading from a place of higher purpose and values, with care and attention to greater self and social awareness.
This workshop is run within organisations to give middle and C-level executives a leading edge through applying mindfulness practices.

Learning Objectives

The programme is centered on cultivating mindful presence and gain conscious management skills through three ACT Model core values A- ACHIEVE, C-CONNECT and T-THRIVE.

Part 1 - A-Achieve

This module is centered on ACT Management for Increased Self Awareness.

  • Exploring our values, principles, beliefs and attitudes.
  • Understanding the importance of building self awareness.
  • How to build self awareness.
  • Introducing Mindfulness as integral to building self awareness.
  • Implementing Informal Mindfulness Practices @work for introspection, centered on principles of self awareness leading to self-correcting behaviour and increased self management.
  • More Practices enabling us to monitor and observe ourselves better.

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Part 2- C-Connect

Connect better with your teams and your peers.
This module is centered on Increasing your social awareness.

  • Understanding perception and subjectivity.
  • Managing from a place of authenticity, integrity and responsibility.
  • Engaging teams through mindful communication including listening with curiosity, non-judgmentally to peers and team.
  • Creating a culture that embodies sharing of knowledge, support and collaboration.
  • Implementing Informal Mindfulness Practices @work for connecting better and building empathy. Practices centered on principles of building social awareness, leading to self-correcting behaviour and increased relationship management.

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Part 3- T-Thrive

Putting it all together.

  • Summary of learning.
  • Disengaging from limiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviours.
  • Concept of holism and pursuing excellence in both our personal and professional lives.
  • Defining unique goals and practices for life and work.

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Workshop Benefits

Conscious Management influences everything and everyone we interact with, creating and sustaining an org culture of:

  • Trust, connection to self and others;
  • Motivation, commitment and engagement;
  • Higher performance;
  • Readiness for change.

About Samantha Amit

Hi there, I am a mindfulness practitioner, leadership coach and trainer. I am co-author of Mindfulness at Work. I have been practicing Mindfulness for over a decade and it's very much a part of my work and private life. I did my teachers training in mindfulness with International Disciplinary Center (IDC) in Israel and Bangor University in the UK. I look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you have.


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