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Mentoring Programme




With the realities and challenges of today’s global workforce, organisations are investing in ways to grow their talent and prepare future leaders, create and sustain a culture of high-performance, and encourage continual learning and sharing.


The missing link between a promising employee and a successful one is having access to mentoring in a relationship that challenges and supports growth.


Developing mentors within organisation means that a learning environment is created where new, aspiring and talented junior to middle management employees can be supported on their development journeys and integration into their new executive position. Mentors share their corporate knowledge, wisdom and experience to help develop mentees who are recognised as having potential for growth.


A structured mentoring approach assists with integrating a company culture, developing a shared language, creating networks and ‘learning the ropes’. Mentoring programmes assist in building capacity within organisations to develop leaders, retain talent, improve performance, and change culture, thereby building a pipeline for future leadership within the organisation


However, mentoring is not simply a process of having interesting conversations. Specific skills need to be acquired by mentors to ensure that mentoring objectives are determined and achieved and that knowledge is turned into practice. A mentoring programmes trains mentors in those skills so that the company value out of creating a mentoring network.


We successfully design, facilitate and implement mentoring programmes, to guide organisations in the process from beginning to end.

Our mentoring methodology and approach

Š      Is results-oriented

Š      is based on the neuroscience of learning

Š      is ideal for use with intelligent and busy people

Š      facilitates change through highly productive conversations

Š      unlocks insight in minutes

Š      supports clear goal achievement

Š      is designed to significantly increase learning and performance

Š      provides a structured framework for sustainability and success

Mentoring Process


The mentoring process runs over a period of time with preparation that takes place before the training and input during and after the training process.


1.          Initial selection process

Company champions are selected as mentors, undergoing a selection process before joining which could include personality assessment, EQ assessment, recommendation by manager or pre-training interview

2.          Programme briefing

Initial meeting to introduce the programme outline, expectations, commitment required and objectives

3.          Training programme

Two day mentor training programme using brain based learning approach

4.          Mentor profiles

Create mentor profiles for mentor database

5.          Mentee selection

Mentee is selected based on potential for growth in organisation, in consultation with manager and/or HR business partner

6.          Matching process

Mentee and mentor are matched carefully to ensure a successful relationship

7.          Beginning mentoring relationship

8.          Supervision

Ongoing supervision process – individual and/or group

9.          Evaluation and feedback


Programme includes 6 training modules:

Š      Importance and value of mentoring

Š      Definition of mentoring and role of mentor

Š      The neuroscience approach

Š      Conversational models

Š      Mentoring Process

Š      Putting it all together


We can provide support at any level of detail required, from running the entire process for you to guiding you through managing the process in-house.


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About the Facilitators

Daphna HorowitzAuthor, Actuary and Keynote Speaker. She holds qualifications in business, leadership and coaching with an FIA, PCC (ICF) and MPhil (cum laude).



Daphna regularly appears on TV, radio and magazine articles as a specialist in areas relating to leadership and coaching. Her book, Courage to Lead (Jacana, 2014), is a practical leadership ‘how-to’, considered to be essential reading for leaders and aspiring leaders.


Samantha Amit, founder of The Center for Development and Leadership in Israel, is an internationally accredited professional coach and supervisor. Samantha has considerable experience consulting, coaching and training individuals and groups across a number of industries that include: Government, Hi-Tech, Bio-Tech, Financial, Heath Care, Higher Education, Manufacturing, and Aerospace & Defense.


Samantha’s interdisciplinary approach and vast experience allows her to successfully work with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Samantha specializes in relationship building, productivity, emotional intelligence building, and mindfulness.  Samantha is authoring “Mindfulness at Work, for Leaders and Coaches”,  due to be published in 2016.


Samantha coaches and supervises as a faculty member of the Adlerian Coaching School as well as IPCTI (Individual Psychology Coach Training International). She is also an active member of the Israeli Coaching Council, the professional body developing standards and ethics for the coaching industry in Israel. Samantha has coached and trained leading managers from organizations such as: Norwegian Embassy in Tel Aviv, American Embassy in Tel Aviv, Zotal Biologicals and Instrumentation,   Ness Technologies, StarVision Partners, HP, Maccabi Health, Bank Hapoalim, Osem Food, IDF, Alfred Adler Institute and more.


Contact Daphna on: daphna@peacsolutions.co.za and +972-53-2350230

Contact Samantha on: sam@ask-your-coach.com  and +972-52-6774475

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