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Emotional Intelligence For Increased Effectivity

Two Day Workshop


Managers are increasingly overwhelmed by the pace at which they need to perform and the pressure of achieving results can be stressful and lead to people reacting negatively to situations and one another.  Cultivating emotional intelligence skills is relevant for every manager as it relates to every human interaction from team meetings to employee motivation and engagement, to customer service and has many far reaching benefits that impacts on a company’s growth and success.  Increasing a managers EQ helps a manager grow their emotional and social intelligence so that they are more resistant to change, so that they respond mindfully and wisely instead of reacting unconsciously to situations. Managers with high EQ are better equipped to be successful in today’s VUCA world.

Companies are growing tomorrows leaders today by investing in EQ training to foster these critical competencies that can be learnt.

Conscious Management Model


This 16 hour Emotional Intelligence For Increased Effectivity is a focused, dynamic, and highly practical workshop for managers to:

Learn EQ Competencies and to:

Know yourself better

Lead with greater awareness from the inside-out

Understand the importance of self management

Check in around self management competencies

Learn how to understand peers and colleagues better

Understand how can adapt to others

Gain skills to communicate more effectively

Practice these skills




Target Audience


Every manager has areas of improvement. This programme is run within organisations who invest in managers and employees to cultivate critical competencies that can be learnt and practiced.  This workshop can be run with a team or managers from different divisions.


Learning Objectives


The programme is centered on cultivating EQ skills

Part 1– Introduction

Introducing Emotional Intelligence


      What is Emotional Intelligence?

      Understanding why these are key competencies and how they can assist managers in being successful from the inside out

      Exploring Daniel Goleman’s model of Emotional Intelligence

      Introduction to other models that use colors to gain insight into yourself and your peers

Part 2– Self Awareness


 This module is centered on understanding and increasing Self Awareness


      Understanding the importance of building self awareness

      How to build self awareness

      Introducing Mindfulness as integral to building self awareness

      Learning my colors

      Implementing Informal Mindfulness Practices @work for introspection, centered on principles of self awareness leading to self-correcting behaviour and increased self management.

      More Practices enabling us to monitor and observe ourselves better


Part 3-  Self Management


Connect better with your teams and your peers. 
This module is centered on Increasing Self Management Skills


      Connecting self awareness to self management

      Emotional Mastery

      Inquiring into my self management competencies

      Creating a path to improving this skillset

Part 4- Social Awareness


This module is centered on understanding and increasing Social Awareness


      Understanding perception and subjectivity

      Disengaging from limiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviours

      Learning about my colleague’s differences through colors

      Building Empathy

      Being aware of the impact I have on others

Part 5- Relationship Management


Putting it all together


      Concept of holism and pursuing excellence in both our personal and professional lives

      Managing from a place of authenticity, integrity and responsibility

      Engaging teams through mindful communication including listening with curiosity, non-judgmentally to peers and team

      Implementing Informal Mindfulness Practices @work for connecting better and building empathy.  Practices centered on principles of building social awareness, leading to self-correcting behaviour and increased relationship management.

      Defining unique goals and practices for life and work



Workshop Benefits


Building Emotional Intelligence  influences everything and everyone we interact with, and leading to increases in:


Š      Organization management

Š      Respect and trust

Š      Productivity

Š      Social intelligence

Š      Interpersonal Communication

Š      Colleague support

Š      Resolving conflict situations




**Delivered in English or Hebrew**  

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About Samantha Amit

Samantha Amit  founded The Center for Development and Leadership in Israel after spending  15 years as a senior executive in international technology driven companies  working with a broad spectrum of global and Fortune 500 customers across a number of industries that include: Government, Hi-Tech, Bio-Tech, Financial, Heath Care, Higher Education, Manufacturing, and Aerospace & Defence.

Samanthas interdisciplinary approach and vast experience allows her to successfully coach and train people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.  Samantha is author of Mindfulness for Leaders and Coaches, an applied approach to Mindfulness at Work, coming out in 2016. Mindfulness forms an integral part of how Samantha chooses to live, and the practices which are integrated into her work with executives, teams and groups.   

Samantha is an internationally accredited professional coach with the ICF, International Coach Federation.   In an academic capacity, Samantha coaches and supervises as a faculty member of the Adlerian Coaching School at the Alfred Adler Institute in Israel as well as IPCTI - Individual Psychology Coach Training International.