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Effective Email Management Workshop


Learn how to Manage Emails Effectively and experience freedom!

In this fun, fast paced hands-on workshop, you'll learn how to transform your way of working with emails. You will gain a methodology of organizing and processing emails so that your Inbox is clear. You'll learn tips and tricks for being more effective and incorporating easy techniques into your day so that you are on top of things and are less stressed.

In just 2 workshop sessions you will be on your way to Inbox Zero!

You'll learn:

  • How to manage your inbox;
  • How to process emails as they come;
  • How to take advantage of gaps in your day;
  • How to set aside time for email management.

In a followup session you will be able to understand what's working and where you can improve, fine tuning your email management system and transforming your day.

About Samantha Amit

Samantha-AmitSamantha Amit is the founder of The Center for Development and Leadership in Israel, is an internationally accredited professional coach and supervisor. Samantha has considerable experience consulting, coaching and training individuals and groups across a number of industries that include: Government, Hi-Tech, Bio-Tech, Financial, Heath Care, Higher Education, Manufacturing, and Aerospace & Defense.

Samantha’s interdisciplinary approach and vast experience allows her to successfully work with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Samantha specializes in relationship building, productivity, emotional intelligence building, and mindfulness. Samantha is authoring “Mindfulness at Work, for Leaders and Coaches”, due to be published in 2016.

Samantha coaches and supervises as a faculty member of the Adlerian Coaching School as well as IPCTI (Individual Psychology Coach Training International). She is also an active member of the Israeli Coaching Council, the professional body developing standards and ethics for the coaching industry in Israel. Samantha has coached and trained leading managers from organizations such as: Norwegian Embassy in Tel Aviv, American Embassy in Tel Aviv, Zotal Biologicals and Instrumentation, Ness Technologies, StarVision Partners, HP, Maccabi Health, Bank Hapoalim, Osem Food, IDF, Alfred Adler Institute and more.

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Effective Email Management Workshop can also be delivered in Hebrew.



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