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Design your Workshop


We offer a range of workshops and trainings that may meet your needs and still we know that every company is unique, with their own culture and motivation for seeking outside training or facilitation. We believe that the needs are determined by you in the moment and according to what your company vision, goals and challenges are.

In designing your workshop we will look at:

Your purpose: Why?

      What is important to you?

      What are your goals?

Who are the managers and leaders that are participating in the training?

How much time you have?


Learning Objectives

Together we will define the learning objectives and The Center for Development and Leadership will design for you a tailor made programme that meets your company needs.



As per the diagram below there is a process where we gather the training needs and create an outline for a training which is reviewed together after which we design the training and deliver it, receive feedback and follow-up for sustaining learning leading to changes in behaviour and best practices

Design Process

**Workshops can be delivered in English or Hebrew**  

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About Samantha Amit

Samantha Amit  founded The Center for Development and Leadership in Israel after spending  15 years as a senior executive in international technology driven companies  working with a broad spectrum of global and Fortune 500 customers across a number of industries that include: Government, Hi-Tech, Bio-Tech, Financial, Heath Care, Higher Education, Manufacturing, and Aerospace & Defense.

Samanthas interdisciplinary approach and vast experience allows her to successfully coach and train people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.  Samantha is author of Mindfulness for Leaders and Coaches, an applied approach to Mindfulness at Work, coming out in 2016. Mindfulness forms an integral part of how Samantha chooses to live, and the practices which are integrated into her work with executives, teams and groups.   

Samantha is an internationally accredited professional coach with the ICF, International Coach Federation.   In an academic capacity, Samantha coaches and supervises as a faculty member of the Adlerian Coaching School at the Alfred Adler Institute in Israel as well as IPCTI - Individual Psychology Coach Training International.