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Husband - A short story of gratitude  


It’s the start of the weekend, my kids are at to school.  I've just come back from spending 2 hours with my husband.  We went on a walk and talked and talked.  He spoke I listened, I spoke he listened.  A time of sharing of each others lives.  We also took our precious dog with us Reksi (although he is small) and he got some exercise too. 

We walked to the next suburb and stopped off for breakfast.  Talked some more.  Ate excellent Shakshuka.  This is a Middle Eastern tomato based dish served with egg - delicious, accompanied by an Arabic salad which is diced really small, cucumber, tomato and herbs and lots of water to quench our thirst and a some fresh orange juice. 



After our marvelous breakfast we walked in the distance of our home and again stopped off at an Indonesian store on the way. I am looking to refurnish my home office and wanted to see what they had to offer. My husband with me interested in my life, there to help and advise - what more could I want? Now we are in sweltering heat here but who cares about the weather? I am grateful for this morning I have had up to now.

Exercise - What does your partner like to do? 


What importance do you give your partnership/marriage/couple in your life? 

Are you happy about the time that you devote to spending with your spouse or partner? 

If you had to select something new you would like to do with your partner what would that be?  When would that be?  How often would that be? 

Do you listen to your partner? As opposed to thinking that he/she doesn’t listen to you. When we think this, we cannot be listening to him/her.



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