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Three Day Training


Years ago leadership styles where more autocratic, traditional and top down.
The coaching leader is a motivator who knows to maximize direct reports to their full potential.  This leader helps to advance employees, building on their strengths and creating a positive workplace that fosters bettering performance and getting results.   

Conscious Management Model


24 hour coaching for leaders training programme is a focused, dynamic, and highly practical workshop for leaders to:

Gain and practice coaching skills to:

Increased clarity

Greater precision at goal setting

Empower your team

Bolster team effectivity

Gain superior results


Target Audience

This workshop is run within organisations to give middle and C-level executives  a leading edge through applying coaching skills to your leadership style. 


Learning Objectives

The programme is centered on learning and practicing coaching skills to add to your leadership toolbox.  These skills lead to increased focus, clarity and efficiency for your team and the people you work with.    There are many exercises that are done in pairs and small groups to practice these new competencies.

Part 1 Introduction

Introducing Coaching


      Coaching philosophy: What is coaching?

      Difference between coaching and tell style approach

      Coaching as a way of interacting with your team and colleagues

Part 2 Focus

This module is centered on different ways to focus and how this can assist us in communicating with others  


      Defining focus

      Preparing your leadership presence

      Different kinds of focus

      How to focus conversations

      Gathering the conversation

      Concluding a conversation

Part 3 Mindful Attitudes

This module is centered on developing mindful attitudes to help us in creating and nurturing collaboration by promoting an environment that is open and willing to hear and learn from the opinions of others

      Defining Mindfulness

      Developing mindful attitude of beginners mind and opening up to new experiences

      The non-judgmental listener

      Informal Mindfulness Practices for listening and speaking


Part 4 Questioning

Coaching is more about asking curiously and openly rather than a tell style approach.  This is done through asking open ended questions

      Exploring the benefits of questioning

      Discovering my style

      Different kinds of questions


Part 5 Reflection and Feedback

This module is centered on developing these competencies


      Why reflect?

      How to reflect?

      What is encouragement and why is it needed

      Feedback models


Part 6- Practice

This module is a summary through practicing the various coaching skills

      Continue with various exercises to practice coaching skills

      Wrap up



Programme Benefits


       Greater clarity around actions and goals

       Increasing team collaboration

       Inspiring others to perform

       Happier employees

       Increased productivity

       Overall goal success



**Delivered in English or Hebrew**  

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About Samantha Amit

Samantha Amit  founded The Center for Development and Leadership in Israel after spending  15 years as a senior executive in international technology driven companies  working with a broad spectrum of global and Fortune 500 customers across a number of industries that include: Government, Hi-Tech, Bio-Tech, Financial, Heath Care, Higher Education, Manufacturing, and Aerospace & Defence.

Samanthas interdisciplinary approach and vast experience allows her to successfully coach and train people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.  Samantha is author of Mindfulness for Leaders and Coaches, an applied approach to Mindfulness at Work, coming out in 2016. Mindfulness forms an integral part of how Samantha chooses to live, and the practices which are integrated into her work with executives, teams and groups.   

Samantha is an internationally accredited professional coach with the ICF, International Coach Federation.   In an academic capacity, Samantha coaches and supervises as a faculty member of the Adlerian Coaching School at the Alfred Adler Institute in Israel as well as IPCTI - Individual Psychology Coach Training International.