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Executive Coaching 


Fast track to success from the inside out to:

  • be more focused
  • be more efficient and productive
  • tap into your inner wisdom
  • lead mindfully
  • connect and impact on others more effectively
  • learn new tools and methodologies
  • accomplish significant goals

Executives who gain the most out of coaching are those that are ambitious and determined, with a real desire to learn and grow. We offer a new lens for understanding more about yourself and evolving as a leader through a conscious management approach with a systematic model: ACT - Achieve, Connect, and Thrive, with numerous tools and mindfulness based practices that are based on the latest neuroscience research.  

The ACT Coaching Programme can involve the following benefits:  


  • defining clear and tangible coaching goals
  • exploring and understanding more about yourself
  • earning new tools, methodologies and practices
  • uncovering the big picture
  • creating new ideas
  • embodying new behaviour
  • driving change
  • achieving superior results


  • leading with integrity and authenticity
  • establishing an environment of trust and connection
  • navigating challenging leadership situations
  • managing conflicts
  • impacting effectively on others
  • having powerful conversations
  • collaborating towards shared goals
  • cultivating supportive relationships


  • creating new pathways in the brain to elevate your work
  • practicing mindful leadership
  • letting go of negative feelings and inhibitions
  • showing up with kindness
  • clearing the way
  • courageously chartering new waters
  • moving forward towards a better future
  • creating and sustaining positive org change

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