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Our body caries us everywhere we go.  A healthy body provides us with a higher level of energy needed to participate fully in life and reap the benefits.  Many clients arrive at life coaching as they feel the balance in their life is out of sync. 


During the coaching the client comes to see how it may be something so basic like finding the time and the right exercise for him/her that can be the next step towards physical health and wellbeing.   When our bodies feel good and are nourished this in turn feeds the brain.  Everything is connected. 


A life coach will notice when the client is uplifted by something sometimes by the change in his/her tone of voice or the energy that is felt. 


When a client comes to me for wellbeing life coaching it may or not be clear from the start.  By asking a lot of questions, the client arrives at the answers himself. "Oh yes, I am not getting enough sleep as I am working late and then my mind is active and its hard for me to go to sleep.  Perhaps I will work only until 20:00 and try this. "  The client arrives at what is best for him/her during the life coaching and its simple. 


One of the great benefits of life coaching is the belief in the client that he knows what's best for him.  Life coaching in this respect empowers the client to know what is true for him.  We are all unique and if the life coach would tell the client what to do then the coach probably is a consultant and not a life coach. 


Loosing weight is a coaching goal chosen by many of my clients.  It is as a result of me having walked that path before of putting on a huge amount of weight and the yoyo diets and low self image as a result.    When I coach my clients,  I don’t go deep into why they are overweight or their past. 


What we do look for is what is lacking in the clients life as most of us overeaters eat to fill a void.  The same way that alcohol or drugs is taken or someone else may shop.  During the life coaching we may also work on letting go of old habits and creating new life habits.


We work on what the client has to gain by the process.  One of my weaknesses was always clutter.   I have become an expert in letting go of unwanted things and I use this and different tools with the life coaching that I do about wellbeing and loosing weight.  The same is relevant for stress. 


Eckhart Tolle in his book "A New Earth" explains about the pain body, a part of our ego that feeds on negativity.   I recommend this book with love.   Therefore creating awareness of current behavior is key to change. Overeating for example, is a negative behavior that is feeding the pain body within us. When we fight and resist our negative sides of us we land up loosing.  So many of my clients come to me and say I know I shouldn’t have eaten that extra cake why did I do it.  I now know it’s the pain body.  Awareness instead of resistance is important.   So the diet is not the issue.  I work with my clients on their thinking and creating a space of awareness.  



Exercise - Body: 


Under life coaching - Body I will ask you to rate a list of topics according to how important they are to you.  Please rate from 1-10 for topics a-g, where 1 is low and 10 is high. 

See the list of topics below: 


Rate the current level of importance in your life for each. 


Now rate, what you would like this to be.  What do you aspire to? 


If you had to choose one from a-g which would make the most significant change in your life then what would it be? 


What would you like to do or improve upon this week? 


a) Health 

b) Nutrition 

c) Exercise: examples - Walking, Swimming, Yoga, Kung fu, Pilates, and many more 

d) Holistic Treatments for maintenance of the body: examples massage, reflexology, shiatsu, aromatherapy, acupuncture and many more 

e) Physical Environment - this can affect you and make you physically and mentally tired when there is disorganization and clutter around you 

f) Your body weight 

g) Another topic of your choice








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